About the surgery

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The so-called “fanned ear” that causes disproportion in the size and shape of the ears is a problem that reaches 2% to 5% of the population according to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

To correct this problem, otoplasty is the most indicated plastic surgery. In practice, the otoplasty is performed by means of an incision behind the ear. During the surgery, the doctor removes a small part of the cartilage and does a whole process so that the ears are in the most suitable position possible, bringing the ears closer to the head.

After the incisions are closed, a bandage is placed around the ears for a period of 24 hours to protect the operated area.

The results of otoplasty are generally very positive and the surgery does not leave deep scars considering that the stitches are hidden behind the ears. However, it is worth noting that it is not every case that it will have 100% symmetry, after all, nature itself is asymmetric.

How and when to do

The sooner the surgery is done, the better the outcome. It is common for parents to be wary of the best time to perform otoplasty in children who are born with prominent ears, and no wonder, after all otoplasty is a surgical intervention.

However, the age group of 5 to 7 years is quite suitable for surgery, because at this stage the child’s ear is fully formed and over time, disproportion and discomfort may be even greater.

Postoperative care

When the surgeon closes the incisions, the person automatically gets a bandage around the helmet-like surgery for a period of 24 hours. After this time, the helmet is replaced by a range of understanding that needs to stay in place for a month and to maintain the success of the surgery the person naturally needs to have some care. Are they:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun;
  • Do not play sports;
  • Avoid stirring and scratching the region;

By following these guidelines, the patient prevents stitches from rupturing as well as infections and the possibility of further surgery.


Excellent hospitals for plastic surgery

Choosing an excellent hospital with all the necessary infrastructure guarantees quality surgery and an excellent patient experience. Nowadays for the plastic surgery process, a quality hospital is as important as a skilled and experienced staff.

Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America and regarding plastic surgery, it has a good structure offering all the security that the patient and the plastic surgeon need.

Moriah Hospital

The Moriah Hospital that started work in 2016 came to compete with the best hospitals in the city. The hospital has excellent infrastructure, including ICU, Diagnostic Center and more attractive prices.