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Fat and excess skin are problems that not only reach the belly or the neck, but can also appear in the woman’s intimate region. In this sense, ninfoplasty is a surgery that serves to correct the increase (or hypertrophy) of the small lips that remain in the female genital region.

Ninfoplasty lasts an average of 30 minutes and may be done by laser or conventional scalpel surgery. The incision is made directly on the labia minora, with direct resection of excess tissue and in general, the surgery is simple and does not require other combinations of techniques.


It is not possible to perform dressings in the intimate area, but this does not mean that some care has to be followed by the patient. Therefore, the cleaning of the postoperative should be done with shower and bath of seat, everything in a very delicate way. It is common for the operated region to become more sensitive in the first thirty days.

For this reason, the woman should watch for signs of redness or irritation is to consult the doctor in case of doubts. When following these precautions, the patient will hardly have major problems and in a short time the recovery is complete, with results ranging from aesthetic harmony to greater comfort when wearing a bikini, for example.

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Despite being a simple procedure, ninfoplasty is a surgery in a delicate region of the woman’s body. In this context, the choice of a professional should be judicious, as the removal of this excess skin should be limited to what lies outside the big lips.

This is because in the intimate area there is a natural protection of the body part of the woman and the exposure in the environment or in fabrics such as panties increase the risk of infections in the region.


Excellent hospitals for plastic surgery

Choosing an excellent hospital with all the necessary infrastructure guarantees quality surgery and an excellent patient experience. Nowadays for the plastic surgery process, a quality hospital is as important as a skilled and experienced staff.

Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America and regarding plastic surgery, it has a good structure offering all the security that the patient and the plastic surgeon need.

Moriah Hospital

The Moriah Hospital that started work in 2016 came to compete with the best hospitals in the city. The hospital has excellent infrastructure, including ICU, Diagnostic Center and more attractive prices.