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The famous “lipo”, also called liposuction is a very sought after surgery known for women who want to reshape the belly and body, reducing localized fats.

In addition to the abdomen, liposuction can also be done on other regions of the body such as waist, upper and lower back, culotte, inner face of the knees and even on the arms.

The team uses saline and medication on the fat that will be aspirated and in the end all the incisions are closed and protected with a dressing followed by a compressive belt that serves to diminish the swelling. The liposuction lasts on average from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the case.

Varieties of Liposuction

Liposculpture consists of a variation of liposuction where, in addition to the usual liposuction procedures, the fat (procedure known as lipoenxertia) is removed from the patient in other regions.

The most frequent region where fat is injected is the buttocks, but other regions can be addressed as localized depressions (congenital or resulting from previous surgeries), facial furrows (nasolabial folds), and lips.


For the results to be more effective, the patient needs to invest in recovery and postoperative care. The compression band, for example, should be used for most of the time in the first month and can only be removed at bath time. In the second month, you still need to use it for 12 hours. In addition it is important to drink plenty of water, leaving the body hydrated and adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

If there are possibilities, doing lymphatic drainage is also one thing that potentiates the results. It is important that the patient does not smoke at least one month after surgery and does not do heavy exercise. Exposure to the sun should also be avoided. Each case has its peculiarities, but when following such care, the patient is more likely to recover and heal quietly.


Excellent hospitals for plastic surgery

Choosing an excellent hospital with all the necessary infrastructure guarantees quality surgery and an excellent patient experience. Nowadays for the plastic surgery process, a quality hospital is as important as a skilled and experienced staff.

Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America and regarding plastic surgery, it has a good structure offering all the security that the patient and the plastic surgeon need.

Moriah Hospital

The Moriah Hospital that started work in 2016 came to compete with the best hospitals in the city. The hospital has excellent infrastructure, including ICU, Diagnostic Center and more attractive prices.

Common questions

Know the most common questions

With so many options for plastic surgery, some doubts are common and frequent about this type of procedure. To facilitate, we have gathered the main doubts. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to schedule your review!

It is inevitable, once a cut or incision is made on the skin, there will be a scar. However, there are steps to take – during and after surgery – to make them less apparent.

The liposuction incisions are always located in strategic regions so that they are minimally visible. They are always covered by clothing brands and are extremely small, always smaller than 1cm.

Normally within 1 week the patient is able to return to common activities. The total recovery takes an average of 3 weeks, where you can already see a good result. The final outcome of the procedure is seen within 6 months postoperatively.

With advances in medication and equipment technology for patient monitoring and monitoring, general anesthesia became the safest when well indicated.

Today in all major procedures, general anesthesia is the best choice of anesthesia. It is superior to many other alternatives offered. General anesthesia performed in a modern surgical center, with the latest equipment and medications.

In this way we can offer more safety, better monitoring, better control of the anesthesia itself, as well as better comfort for the patient.

There is no best technique, but the most appropriate technique for each patient and their expectations. The traditional technique called superhumid is often used in combination with a cannula for a certain type of result, for example: in cases where there is a slight sagging and if a better skin retraction is desired, the traditional technique is associated with a laser cannula . If the goal is lipoenxertia, it is possible to associate a cannula to maximize the fat collection to reuse it.

It is advisable to avoid exposing the scars to the sun in the first months, even with sunscreen.

This happens because the scars do not have the same amount of pigments to protect the skin from the action of the sun rays and under exposure they are prone to darken, so it is very important the daily use of sunscreen over the operated area.

Both describe a modality in liposuction. Hydrolipoaspiration is a type of liposuction that uses only local anesthesia, which is little indicated. Liposculpture is the liposuction used in conjunction with lipoenxertia, that is, it removes fat and injects it into other regions in the body, such as buttocks for example.

To answer this question it is necessary to point out that the indication of liposuction is only for fats located in specific regions, it is not indicated for general weight loss. When performed in moderate and well-judged regions, the postoperative is tranquil with prescription of pain-specific medications.

As much as a good surgical technique, as following your surgeon’s guidelines are decisive for obtaining the best possible results after discharge.

If you have any surgical procedure in mind, consult our team to clarify all the particularities involved in the recovery process.