About the surgery

Know more details

Over time, it is inevitable that expression marks, facial furrows, wrinkles and signs of aging will be visible on our skin. Therefore, maintaining elasticity, recovering collagen and skin consistency is a challenge. To solve these problems, skin filling is one of the possible treatments.

With a non-invasive technique, the procedure consists of applying the hyaluronic acid to the desired location, usually with an injection and local anesthesia. In addition to these advantages, unlike other procedures, the patient does need some care after filling but there is no need to rest.


In practice, results of skin filling last for 15 to 18 months. With hyaluronic acid, wrinkles are literally filled and lines of expression look softer and more discreet.

Besides this, this technique is also very suitable for patients who want to enlarge their lips, to circumvent the apple of the face and to correct the so-called “Chinese mustache” (nasogia groove).

What you need to know

Every aesthetic procedure needs a medical evaluation and it is always indicated that the patient aligns his expectations with reality. With striking effects, skin fill is rather an alternative to time stamps, but it is important to remember that aging is a natural process.

Therefore, besides the aesthetic procedure, it is never too much to reinforce some care such as:

  • Caring for food;
  • Hydrate regularly;
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun.


Excellent hospitals for plastic surgery

Choosing an excellent hospital with all the necessary infrastructure guarantees quality surgery and an excellent patient experience. Nowadays for the plastic surgery process, a quality hospital is as important as a skilled and experienced staff.

Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America and regarding plastic surgery, it has a good structure offering all the security that the patient and the plastic surgeon need.

Moriah Hospital

The Moriah Hospital that started work in 2016 came to compete with the best hospitals in the city. The hospital has excellent infrastructure, including ICU, Diagnostic Center and more attractive prices.