About the surgery

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Indicated for women who have had breasts removed because of a health problem, or for anyone who wants to change the shape, size and appearance of breasts, breast reconstruction is a much sought after option.

The time of the surgery varies greatly according to the situation of the patient and it is common that besides the breast reconstruction, the surgeon opts for complementary procedures.

In general, breast reconstruction is divided into stages, from evaluation, removal of excesses to reconstruction of glands and there is no rule for what comes first, since each case has its particularities.

During surgery, it is possible to reconstruct from the nipple to the entire areola. For this type of procedure, it is also worth noting the need for general anesthesia.

Preparing the surgery

Regardless of context, every person undergoing breast reconstruction needs to follow a few steps. The first is a conversation with the specialist to align expectations.

After that, it is necessary to do laboratory tests like hemogram, ultrasound electrocardiogram and mammography.

The use of medications should also be cut off, especially if they are aspirin or anti-inflammatory and natural remedies.

If the patient smokes, it is important to stop smoking before surgery and, finally, it is necessary to stay in absolute fast eight hours before the procedure.

After the procedure

In addition to avoiding physical exertion and exposure to the sun, the patient needs to be aware of a temporary drain that is placed on the skin for blood and fluid.

Following hygiene and dressing and taking medications helps reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, it is not advisable to smoke after surgery and it is recommended to have adequate food for recovery to succeed. As with other surgeries, it is necessary for the patient to follow up with the doctor, informing the specialist of all the conditions of the surgery.


Excellent hospitals for plastic surgery

Choosing an excellent hospital with all the necessary infrastructure guarantees quality surgery and an excellent patient experience. Nowadays for the plastic surgery process, a quality hospital is as important as a skilled and experienced staff.

Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America and regarding plastic surgery, it has a good structure offering all the security that the patient and the plastic surgeon need.

Moriah Hospital

The Moriah Hospital that started work in 2016 came to compete with the best hospitals in the city. The hospital has excellent infrastructure, including ICU, Diagnostic Center and more attractive prices.